What is Robotic Data Automation (RDA)

RDA enables enterprises to operationalize machine data at scale to drive AI & analytics-driven decisions.

RDA has broad applicability within the enterprise realm, and to begin with, CloudFabrix took the RDA framework and applied it to solve AIOps problems — to help simplify and accelerate AIOps implementations and make them more open and extensible.

RDA automates repetitive data integration, cleansing, verification, shaping, enrichment, and transformation activities using data bots that are invoked to work in succession in “no-code” data workflows or pipelines. …

Complexity breaks correlation. Intelligence brings cohesion. This simple principle is what makes real-time asset intelligence a must-have for AIOps that is meant to diffuse complexity. To further create a context for the user, it is critical to understand service dependencies and correlate alerts across the stack to resolve incidents.

Why not just CMDB?

CMDB systems have been useful to break down configuration items into logical layers. But, that’s not enough because they can become outdated very soon.

That’s when connectivity among assets and their dependencies matter to remain relevant in real-time. This opens up new possibilities for an enterprise to tap into. IT monitoring…

CloudFabrix called out by the #Forbes article for its innovation and transformation to AIOps2.0 aimed at accelerating the technology adoption.

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IT teams live in dynamic environments and continuous integration/continuous delivery has been on high demand. In the dynamic environment, DevOps and underlying technologies such as containers and microservices, continue to grow more dynamic, and complex. Now, just like DevOps, observability has become a part of the software development life cycle.

With basic monitoring techniques, ITOps and DevOps teams lack the visibility to support the explosive growth in data volumes that arise in these modern environments. And, that’s also because they cannot scale with manual processes. Traditional monitoring systems focused on capturing, storing, and presenting data generated by underlying IT systems…

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Amelia Williams

Amelia Williams is a marketing strategist at CloudFabrix Software Inc, which is a an application analytics & intelligence.

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